Saturday, 7 August 2010

10th July 2010 Humberside CC and Lincoln CC Shows

My thanks to Beryl & Judy for inviting me to judge at this special show. I must say everything seemed to run very well and I was very impressed with the paperwork some really novel touches. I was ably assist by Wayne Vessey who handling of all the exhibits was exemplary, his good humour and company a joy. My abject apologies to Liz for double booking again and thank you for being so very understanding of this dim wit! It was a real privilege steward for Mrs Gregory at Best of Best and a joy to find my first two exhibits of the day had made the final cut and especially thrilling that Rossikhan Yum Yum was chosen as Best of Best – which really made my day.

Open Classes:
Class L 344 Asian Tabby Kitten
1st & BoB Mrs Kemp’s NAZKATZ KEEPSAKE 72 45 ,M, 1/3/10
A very handsome young man. He has large and lustrous muddy golden eyes, which are well set. He has a short wide wedge, level bite, fairly blunt muzzle and well set ears which have good shape and size. In profile he has reasonable depth to his skull, a rounded brow, his nose break is reasonable but more definition is desired, his nose line is essentially straight with a slight falling away a the very end, his jaw correctly aligns in a straight vertical plane to the end of his nose, but I would prefer more depth to his lower jaw. His medium sized body is well muscled, it has a strong chest and straight back. His legs are in proportion to his body with correctly taller hind legs with spoon shaped paws. His tail was little short to balance to the shoulder. BCR brown ticking was evident but the ground was a rather pale, he has an M to his forehead, a scarab to his brow, spectacle markings to face, a single broken necklace, smudges to his fore and hind legs, solid hocks, a clear spine line which descends down to a solid tail tip. His coat is still rather kittenish in length at present but he was shown in super condition and was a delight to hand being very playful and happy.

Class L408 Chocolate Burmese Kitten
1st & BoB Mrs Wilshaw’s ROSSIKHAN YUM YUM 27b, F, 23/3/10
Gorgeous was my first observation and I was soon hear others seemingly speaking my thoughts out loud as she was already gaining quite a lot of attention amongst my fellow judges first thing in the morning! She has very pleasing large and lustrous golden yellow eyes, super shape to both upper and lower lids, and set well apart – she has a typical Burmese expression! Sporting a short wide wedge, level bite and nice blunt muzzle, super setting to her ears which were suitably full at this age, but continued the typical contour desirous of the breed, she has super rounding to her head. In profile she has deep skull, again nicely rounded brow, excellent nose break, a straight nose line with tiny falling away at the end, she has good depth of jaw which is correctly aligned. Dainty but well muscled body which a strong chest and straight back. Her legs are in proportion, taller in the hind and having neat oval paws, her tail balances and taper nicely to a paintbrush tip. Her coat was exceptionally short and silky in texture is was the most pleasing honey toned shade of chocolate with bare minimum contrast to her mask. Shown in excellent condition and having a delightfully sweet temperament. It was as I said in my preamble an absolute delight to handle her again for Mrs Gregory later at Best of Best and watching delight in the crowd’s reactions to her as well is something I will always remember – I think her mother also has done the same if my memory serves me correctly.

Miscellaneous Classes:
H636 AV Foreign Novice Adult
1st REXIVAL SCHEHERAZADE a super sphynx with stunning lemon shaped eyes and excellent confirmation. Shown is wonderful condition and joy to handle – a really attractive exhibit!
2nd GLENDAVAN PURPLE HAZE unlucky to meet the winner today – this young man has so much going for him, lovely head type, gorgeous golden eyes - would like little more width to his muzzle but he’s still young, super ticking and pleasing rich colours to ground and base ticking, coat has drag, elegant body confirmation, tail to balance and he has lovely show temperament.
3rd KAGURA MERIADOC pleasing young Shaded Asian, who is very promising - super large and lustrous eyes, nice head type with super rounding in all planes. Clear markings on his head and solid body just a little fractious but sown in excellent condition.

H642 AV Foreign Radius Adult
1st MACHIKA TATIANA NIKOLAEVNA A pleasant Russian girl still under a year but well grown, rather straight in the profile and eyes are a little deep set but she has good square muzzle and super coat for density and pleasing tone of blue with a clear silvery sheen.

H660 AV Foreign Junior Neuter
1st REXTACULAR FIZZY LIZZIE A super Devon who blew me away she seems to have everything- super head type, amazing eyes for size, shape and set, great width at the cheeks super depth to her chin and a great nose stop. Very well covered with a patterned rex coat, solid body with good weight and muscle tone, tail balances – very impressive! Handled beautifully too.
2nd AMEEKA PIED HARRIER a very pleasing Ocicat Classic, lovely clarity and definition to his pattern. Lovely head type with a long yet square muzzle expressive pale chartreuse eyes and solid well grown body. Lovely show temperament.
Extra 2nd A pleasing Ocicat who was not a long a I would liked in the muzzle, otherwise pleasing head type, profile did have a good curve though and pale green eyes. Super spotting although there was some linkage and greying to the roots which rather mutes the tone. Well grown lad.

H679 AC Burmese Novice Kitten
1st ROSSIKHAN YUM YUM see above
2nd VELVITMIST GORGEOUS GIRL – by name like nature she was truly gorgeous and at any other show would have been rather difficult to beat, so was very unlucky to meet the winner today. She has really classic type; large and lustrous eyes, well set and shaped, please width at cheeks, a short wide wedge, level bite, good dept to skull pleasing nose break and nice depth to chin. Nicely grown and muscled body for her age, elegant limbs, neat oval paws and tail to balance. Her coat is still rather babyish but is a pleasing pink toned lilac mingled with shades of cream. She has a very sweet nature and look forward to watching her development. Loved her expression!

H682 AC Burmese Visitors Kitten
1st ROSSIKHAN YUM YUM see above

H768 Friendliest Natured Exhibit – AV Foreign Cat, Kitten or Neuter
I judged this class purely on who as the friendliest and not the standard.
1st LYDFORD SPOOKYPAWZ – a very sweet white Devon baby (she was very impressive in terms of the standard too!) who purred away for us and simply enjoyed being out of her pen for a cuddle.
2nd CH NISHALKAKHEPRI and rather charming blue Aby who made mud pies for us and enjoyed being handled and cuddled!
3rd GRPR GLENDAVAN LEONIDAS a very calm chap who handled very well indeed.

H755 AV & AC Cat, Kitten or Neuter with a March Birthday
2nd ISADORYOU PINK FLOYD – a very attractive Mane Coon who was rather hot and bothered by the time we saw him. I just loved his leonine head type – such a strong square muzzle and alert ears really gives you the impression you are in the presence of someone who knows his own worth and is very proud of it too. Super red on silver pattern that is so appealing and a well prepared silky flowing coat. A well grown lad with all the accoutrements. Very impressive unlucky to meet such a stunning Burmese kitten!
Extra 2nd NAZKATZ KEEPSAKE see above

H784 AC Burmese Section Adult
1st CH CHIARO ZINZERO – a super well grown young man who has an impressive rich red colour which I just love! He had lots to say for himself today – think he was enjoying the heat actually. Large eyes with a deep rich yellow, good nose break, chin could be a fraction deeper but good width to cheeks. Solid body and elegant limbs, tail just balances. A real character!

L658 AV Foreign Senior Adult
1st GRCH KAGURA KATISHA a super Asian Ticked Tabby who has everything - super head type, lovely pattern and super temperament too boot, shown in excellent condition – I can live with her coat length – so no one’s perfect . . .
2nd GRCH GLENDAVAN RODERICK JAMES A super Aby so unlucky to come across such a stunning Asian. He has so much going for him where to begin; lovely head type, super coat love the drag and richness of his colours, super body confirmation and very impressive hocks!!!
Extra 2nd CH REXIRU DEVONWEARS PRADA A lovely Devon with a great stop, chin could be a fraction deeper, wicked eyes for shape, size and expression, solid body, tail doesn’t quite balance, well covered with a good rex coat – super expression to her eyes!

L674 AV Foreign Aristocrat Neuter
1st SILSILA HARRY POTTER Loved his large pale eyes and width to his muzzle, pleasing profile good depth of chin. Well grown body, tail balances, elegant limbs, pleasing ticking coat has good drag.
2nd MIMAPERKS WINDMILL GIRL I felt she looked a tad too Burmese for me, good blue eyes but they were rather full and I felt her wedge was shorter than desired. Pleasing silky coat which was a little brindled in place but essential a warm mid tone chocolate. Beautifully tapered tail which balanced nicely. Shown in super condition and behaved very nicely.

L709 AC Burmese Neuter resident outside Lincs
1st PR SYKRIS AKHENATEN How this boy is coming on . . . He has large and lustrous expressive pale chartreuse eyes, a short wide wedge, his chin could be a tad deeper but his profile depth is good, pleasing nose break, chin set back a smidgen. Solid well grown body, legs in proportion, tail just short to balance – excellent silky coat and of pleasing warm brown with hints of chestnut tones. In a bit of a strop today, but handled well enough – loved his expression which of course was enhanced by his mood!
2nd PR MOLYNMEUX ISOBEL A rather classic looking blue who had lots to say for herself today. She has large and lustrous chartreuse eyes with great slants to the upper lids super fullness to her lower lids. Pleasing short wide wedge, blunt muzzle good rounding to head on all planes, nice depth to skull and a good nose break, but has a wee bump to her nose line. Well grown body, slender elegant limbs, tail too short to balance. Super silky coat that is a pleasing pale blue with plenty of silvering to rounded areas. Narrowly missed out to the winner today.
3rd GRPR SUGARBOWL HUNKYDORY This girl has quite large pale chartreuse eyes, good break but her chin needs more depth, I do find there is too much width between her ears which rather forces the ears to be far too low set for my taste which upsets the balance of her head. Her coat usually seemed a tad woolly today – she handles very well and was otherwise in excellent condition.
4th PR CHIARO SERAFINA Still a work in progress and not quite able to complete with the above today.